James Ay is a collective of life enthusiasts, dreamers and doers all wanting to suck the marrow out of every hour of every day.

The birth of James Ay

James Ay is a tribute to the modern inventor of sunglasses - James Ayschough (1720-1759).

A true pioneer of his time, he experimented with all kinds of lenses to improve how people could see in different lighting conditions. In contrast to his peers, he dared to go down unconventional paths and was consistent in his belief that optics could improve more than the sharpness of our views, they could include colors as well.

So not only has his legacy inspired a new series of sunglasses, his inquisitive nature has done the same to the James Ay universe.


James Ay is not only a brand, really, it’s a philosophy. A way of exploring - and experimenting with - all layers of life.

We’re a collective of life enthusiasts, dreamers and doers all wanting to suck the marrow out of every hour of every day. Our time here matters, and at the end of it all, we wish to look back on a series of experiences and memorable faces that made the time worth spending.

To us, sunglasses have never been something practical or a fashion statement, they represent moments of our lives where the sun has lightened our minds and freed our thoughts.

They are less of a thing we wear, but a place we go. A place with no rulebook.

Four pillars of thoughtful design

1. There is no fashion like timeless
We don’t believe in the fast fashion industry as it represents mindless, waste-full consumerism. James Ay is all about making long-lasting products and designs that can be appreciated for generations.

2. Quality
No compromises are made when sourcing the best materials, shapes and production methods for a pair of James Ay sunglasses. The experience of great quality is what turns a beautiful design piece into something you love.

3. There must be a story worth telling
Every product is made with an intent to reflect an opinion or cultivate a meaningful story that goes beyond the more physical. It has to pose a question or answer one, whereby it adds to the richness of the James Ay universe.

4. Sustainable at heart
We’re chasing all possibilities to make the right choices related to our planet and the people living on it. We seek to protect the environment by supporting projects we believe in. Are we perfect yet? Not by a long shot. But we continuously work towards one day making an all positive impact.